Ultimate3 QRSS beacon

The whole reason for building the WSPR receiver, was so that I could check that one of these worked if I built it



They are a relatively simple device to build and come supplied with all the necessary components to get the kit up and running. It’s sitting on the work bench waiting for the case and a few additional bits to arrive, but in the mean time I’ve been working on a PSU for it.

It needs a well regulated and smoothed PSU to be effective and hassle free. The plan is to power it from a 9-12V wall-wart but it will need to be stepped down to 5V. Also, the build instructions are quite clear that any more than 6V and you’ll damage it severely. Releasing the mystical blue smoke is never a good move!

I also want to install a GPS module to lock the frequency, timing and location information but that needs a separate 3.3V supply.

After much digging around and reading, I’ve designed a board that should provide both voltages in a smooth and regulated output.

5v-3.3v PSU v1.1 tCad

It’s my first attempt with TinyCAD but you get the idea. I’ll prototype it on breadboard and then get a scope over it to see how smooth the outputs are before soldering it up. Everything’s arrived to build it, it’s just finding the time.

The overall objective is to have the beacon in a single, self contained portable unit so that it can be tucked away and left unattended or taken on the road if needed.

I’ve got hold of the 20, 30 & 40m LPF modules for the board so hopefully it will be multiband.