Ultimate3 QRSS Beacon PSU

Had a few minutes to prototype the 5v and 3.3v PSU today.

image image image

It’s a bit of a rats nest with all the jumper wires but it’s exactly as per the TinyCAD schematic.

Voltages are exactly as hoped. I can’t work out how to get a sensible reading from my DS203 scope as the manual might as well be written in Chinese, (Oh yeah, it is!) so I’m taking a gamble that the output is sufficiently smooth. The smoothing caps should hopefully do the trick.

Next stop strip board version!

Today’s learning point, don’t assume the pin-outs on TO-220 voltage regulators are the same!

They’re attached below for reference



Click to access LD1117V33.pdf




Click to access LM7805.pdf


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