Wake-on-Lan hurdle overcome

For years I’ve been trying to get WOL working just for the fun of it, with no success at all.

The following site provides a methodology which I’ve got working perfectly.


The only snag is connecting to the network remotely. After much head scratching it appears that dynamic IP addresses assigned to mobile devices on 3G are being rejected by my router. As the device will have a different IP address each time Vodafone, EE, O2 allocate one it’s impossible to create an exception list (the hint is in the name ‘dynamic IP’).

The work around is connect via a VPN to the router then send the magic packet to wake the machine. Works perfectly! It’s slightly surreal pressing a button on a phone and watching a PC which is powered off stir into life.

Now this is working it makes the remote hidden PC/rig a much more feasible and environmentally friendly option. I’ve run low power servers for several years now as media devices. They need to be on all the time by their very nature, but for a machine that will only be switched on when required, plus one salted away in a not so easy to reach area of the house means WOL is the ideal solution.

Next trick is to get it working on whichever machine finds itself at the centre of the setup.