SoftRock Ensemble RXTX

After a few weeks of having every hour of the day interrupted by work, even on days when I wasn’t working, playing with stuff hasn’t been on the top of the agenda!

As such my new toy has been sitting in its box untouched for a while now.



I had been wondering where it had got to. The online tracking had shown that it had entered the country and then been delivered to an address in Norwich of all places!

Give Royal Mail their due they told me all of that without having to sign forms in blood in triplicate! I was less than impressed. About a week later it arrived! Good old Customs and Excise or BorderForce as they’re now branded, had decided to sting me for import duty and had removed the original tracking number and replaced it with another so they could ensure that they robbed me of my hard earned before handing my purchase over! Hence why it’d disappeared.

Anyway, it had landed and was in need of use. Like every new toy, the first thing I did was take it apart and had a look inside.



It really is a fantastic piece of construction and I’m glad I wimped out and bought a prebuilt one. The surface mount stuff is minute and the board is very tightly packed in places! A credit to the man who designed it and built it for me.

Anyway with the lid back on I followed this guide for setting up the drivers

That all went ok and I plumped for SDR# as my interface and cracked on and installed it.

Unfortunately I didn’t get an instant result when I plumbed it all together and fired it up which was a shame. I’ve obviously missed something with the soundcard at a guess and need to have another play when I get some time.



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