SoftRock Ensemble RXTX configuration notes

Despite having the radio functioning there’s a degree of fine tuning required (thanks Andy for the pointers).

There’s a frequency offset for the SoftRock which is adjustable in CFGSR or through ExtIO within HDSDR.

By tuning to a known reference frequency such as the WWV time signal at either 5 or 10MHz it’s possible to identify the frequency offset as below


Here prior to adjusting the offset tuning to 10MHz shows the signal at 9,982,344Hz.

As such the offset between the actual signal and the tuned signal is 17,656Hz.



This shows ExtIO prior to entering the tuned and real frequency information. The software automatically calculates the difference and by hitting calibrate sets the offset.

This has the advantage that it’s set within the Si570’s configuration rather than within software so if you use another package you don’t have to contend with making those adjustments.


Now signals appear in the right area of the spectrum


Reference table of modes at expected frequencies

<14070 kHz: CW
  14070 kHz: bottom end of PSK traffic
  14073 kHz: top end of PSK traffic
  14076 kHz: JT65 FSK tones
>14080 kHz: RTTY