Ultimate3 main board build

After things having been sat dormant for a while I’ve eventually managed to crack on with the build of the Ultimate3 WSPR beacon.

Kit components

I invested in a few heatsinks to attach to the crystal and the PA’s but everything else came in the box. I bought the SKM52 GPS module and the relay board at the same time to avoid paying multiple shipping charges. I’ll add them once I’ve got the basic build working.

There isn’t much to the basic kit

The DDS module is pre-assembled

The kit instructions are good and if you work through them as it suggests, reading ALL the sections you can plan the build to avoid undoing bits at a later time.

There’s lots of advice on various blogs and within the build instructions about fitting a heatsink to the crystal to avoid temperature effects. I foolishly bought some heatsink adhesive tape, thinking it’d be the way forward. What a waste of time. Just glue the heatsink to the top of the can and be done with it.

To allow for case mounting and variation/modding at a later stage I installed pin header jumpers rather than lengths of wire.

And that’s it! Not bad for a morning’s work.

It really is a neat compact unit that would literally fit in a pocket.

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