SKM52 GPS board wiring diagram

The arrival of some capacitors from the lovely people at Spiratronics means that the GPS module is now complete with decoupling capacitors soldered to the board and ready to go.

It could have been made smaller but 4 holes on a piece of Veroboard isn’t a huge amount of space and as said before it’s no bigger than a stick of chewing gum, so I can live with it.


I used tantalum bead capacitors to keep the size down on the board and to achieve the quoted 10uF and 1uF from the datasheet.

As promised I’ve included a wiring diagram for the board. It’s hardly rocket science in hind site, but you’ve got to start somewhere with things.

SKM52 wiring diagram 2

R1 = 10K  C1= 1uF tantalum bead  C2 = 10uF tantalum bead