Radio server build

A big box of bits landed yesterday which was all fine and dandy until it was discovered that eBuyer hadn’t sent the PSU. Awesome! Anyway, not letting that get in the way I cracked on and built everything as far as I could.

I think this is the first time I’ve ever had components in retail packaging! It’s normally a white box or antistatic bag OEM job. I’ve definitely never owned memory with heatsinks and shielding on it that’s for sure.

The case is pretty well thought out and comes with plenty of fixings for all sorts of permutations of drive installations. Equally I’ve still got all my knuckles which is a first in PC assembly.

One thing, having spent an entire summer learning about what coiled wire does I’ve had a serious rethink regarding cable management inside cases. Previously I would coil up stuff and keep it tight and tidy with cable ties. Never again! Also, having suffered massive data loss from my NAS over the summer due to disk failure, some online reading revealed that in several instances bad blocks and read errors are attributed to how SATA cables are managed. The findings in most places was that bundled and tied cables resulted in regular data errors, where free and unimpinged cabling didn’t. There’s no problem in being neat just don’t coil the damn things up!

All that’s missing is the PSU and then we’re hot to trot.

Another huge plus point was that on opening the motherboard box, sat right on the top was a manual for AsRock remote management of the system. The whole board is geared to remote WOL and use capitalising on a nifty BIOS utility and Windows based apps. The remote side can be controlled via Sunlogin which is available for IOS and Android. Knowing that WOL can be a pain, if the manufacturer is plugging the usability of the board in this manner it’s going to make life a whole lot easier. I’ve got my favoured apps and utilities for WOL but if you’ve never done it before or have over achieved in the failure department, this could be for you! 

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