Nothing to Full Licence in just over a year

This time last year I’d never considered the idea of amateur radio, let alone thought I’d be where I am now.

In just over 12 months I’ve managed to complete all my licence exams and today officially marks the inception of my Full Licence call sign M0XXF.

As usual, the call signs I would have liked were already taken so I’ll take what’s next on the list and hopefully do it proud!

I won’t lie it’s been hard work. Foundation was a baptism of fire as I knew absolutely nothing and joined a pre-existing training group halfway through their course. Intermediate was really enjoyable as certain elements had sunk in and the learning was a little easier. The advanced licence really is hard work!

Other people have commented about the level of understanding required and they’re right. There are a lot of useful resources out there on the internet and the Bath Distance Learning Course would be brilliant if you have the home time to allow you to keep pace with their structured learning. I wasn’t that lucky with my available time, but by keeping to the general structure of their programme and using every available minute of down time to read I got there.

I can highly recommend Q-ADV as a source of practice questions, along with Steve Hartley’s site. Ham Tests is another online revision source but the pool of questions seems relatively small at the Advanced Level. The RSGB Amateur Radio Exam Secret’s book is a must, it’s worth the outlay!

Anyway moving on, M0XXF is about to enjoy the rest of the afternoon in the sun with a bottle of San Miguel and one of Cuba’s finest. The Fat Lady can now officially sing!