The jury’s out on Windows 10

As promised here’s an update on my experiences with Windows 10.

Since installing there have been a few snags which you need to be aware of if you’re going to update.

The whole Microsoft Windows Defender not working is a real problem and unless you address it, leaves you with your pants down and vulnerable to any malware and virus that comes your way. Having played with Windows 10 now on several friends machines the suggested solutions in my previous post don’t always work which is a head scratcher. One of the big problems is that the required application gpedit.msc, needed to edit the group policies isn’t as standard on all machines. That then causes a problem because you have to flit around the internet looking for a download, not all the downloads are clean and come packaged with nasty malware or worse, you’re not running any antivirus . . .

If you end up in that bag, just install a 3rd party virus solution such as Avira Free which will do the job just as well.

Next hitch is that the Windows 10 upgrade process appears to clear out the root of the destination drive. As such several programs and batch files that need to sit in the root of C:\ have disappeared. They can be readily reinstalled but typically you don’t realise they’re missing until you’re in the middle of something else and need them!

I also ran into a problem with my DVD drives disappearing. I know they’re very last decade in some people’s eyes but media still comes shipped on them, including the Windows 10 update, so to see the drives disappear was a real pain in the arse. The obvious unplug, reboot, plug back in doesn’t cause them to be detected. Thankfully Google saves the day on that one and provides a solution. To be honest I couldn’t be bothered to edit the registry so I just used the provided script at Method 4 and it all started working nicely.

Also mapping network drives within Windows 10 seems to have issues. I have relied on this to give access to folders on other servers but despite all the security, privacy and sharing settings being set at what they need to be, I can’t browse my network.

I can however map network locations which works just as well, you just need to know where you’re going i.e. the IP address and path to the desired share, to type into the required field rather than browsing and clicking.

My advice is this. If you want Windows 10 do a clean install from a USB key. Microsoft’s little MediaCreationTool allows you to build a version on on either DVD or a USB device.

When you start the upgrade process, select the clean installation rather than preserving your existing settings. You’ll need to backup your documents, iTunes library and so forth but you get an as new installation rather than one with scattered fragments of debris from Windows 7 which could potentially be causing issues.

Remember, you can only upgrade from a pre-existing Windows 7 installation, you can’t do a fresh install on a clean machine.

That said at the moment SDR# is working OK, so if you fancy a change of environment take the plunge.