Rig CAT problems

Now it wouldn’t be a normal day if there weren’t problems!

My new toys included a Rig CAT cable to allow the radio to talk to a PC running a radio management and logging program such as Ham Radio Deluxe.

In this day and age every PC is bristling with USB ports and unlikely to have a 9 pin serial com port, especially laptops. Yaesu don’t sell USB varients of their CT-62 cable which should have given me a clue as to the chaos which was about to unfold.

ya-ct62_m  31YGnrXOVQL

Rightly or wrongly I’d bought a USB one from a reputable source only to find that when plugged into the pass through connector on the LGE YT-100 the radio booted with a hideously deformed squeak rather than its usual tone and the YT-100’s LED flashed in a manner similar to “Get that fecking thing out of my port now!”


The above link is to a recording of the pained noise my radio makes with the cable attached to either it or the ATU!

Hmm! That’s not good. Windows hasn’t complained about anything, everything is installed correctly software wise and configured correctly.

Plugging straight into the radio causes the same issue. Unfortunately no one has posted any solutions online which would give a steer as to how to rectify this problem.

A long chat with the guys in the ML&S workshop reveals why ML&S don’t sell them. There are a load of issues with the Prolific chipsets used in these cables, to the point that ML&S dropped them as they were too problematical to support.

My cable is a Prolific and it appears the issues continue to rumble around.

Thankfully, my nice new ASRock motherboard supports a 9 pin serial port, so I’ve tracked down a 9 pin CT-62 for considerably less than Yaesu’s asking price of 40 quid.

We’ll see if this resolves the problem before embarking on a solution for USB which will be needed for portable operation. Watch this space!

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