SignaLink USB setup under Windows 10 & PSK-31

The Tigertronics website provides details regarding setup under Windows 10.

Helpfully Bill Gates’s boys have moved a few things around in their new OS which means tracking down the audio level settings and controls mentioned in the paper manual can be a tricky as they don’t bear a lot of resemblance to how things were in the good old days of Windows XP.

Thanks to a fellow Ham, there’s a useful video on YouTube which is a good point of reference.

The walk through is for setting up PSK-31 on a Yaesu FT-897D, but the requirements are exactly the same and the menu system is exactly the same as the FT-857D

In case they ever remove the video the radio settings are repeated here –

Menu 001 – Extended Menu – On

Menu 020 – CAT/LIN/TUN – CAT

Menu 037 – Dig Gain – 50

Menu 038 – Dig Mode – PSK31-U

Menu 040 – Dig Vox – 0

Menu 074 – Proc Level – 0

Menu 075 – RF Power – 5 (or 25 in my case)

The video walks you through how to setup the audio levels in Windows when using DM780 within HamRadio Deluxe but the principles translate to whatever package you use for Digimode work.

Most importantly is the section on turning the SignaLink TX dial down to the point at which the ALC meter just twitches when you transmit. Mine is like a hair trigger but with some careful adjustment you can avoid over driving the radio and having a splattery signal!

Cheers Andy for the reminder on that one!