No such thing as a free lunch?

Now over the years I’ve developed my own personal rule book to surviving life and it’s done me pretty well so far.

Fairly close to the top of that list is “There’s no such thing as a free lunch” and “Don’t go rummaging through bin bags on London streets”.

The first is a given but the second may raise an eyebrow. Bitter experience shows that either you’ll find yourself covered in someone’s unwanted takeaway or spend at least a good 24 hours in the company of a couple of Sweeney wannabes trying to explain that the severed head you found in said bin bag really isn’t anything to do with you and they’ve got it all wrong. Good luck on that one!

So throwing caution to the wind as it was Sunday, while strolling down a road in the suburbs of the metropolis of this great country, I came across a “free to a good home” pile. Sat on the roadside was a bag and two boxes of Dexion storage bins plus the required mounting racks, looking very cold and lonely and as the attached sign said “in need of a new home”.

Now bin diving isn’t my norm but this was most definitely a free lunch and it was all swiftly packed into the boot of the car.

A quick head count is 100+ storage bins and all the racking. Only snag is I haven’t got enough walls to use all of them, but a quick application of the drill and a few screws and my work bench is a hell of a lot tidier!


To Richmond Film Services, thank you very much and I hope your premises relocation to Shepperton Studios goes off without a hitch!