Something Different For The Weekend

Road Trip! Yup rather than building, fixing, tinkering, how about a bit of heritage?

The work at Bletchley Park was a significant milestone in the proceedings of World War II and I’ve been meaning to go and have a look for a while, especially after the release of The Imitation Game the other year, which gave an injection of Hollywood flare into a topic which was shrouded in secrecy for all the right reasons. Added to that The RSGB National Radio Centre is on site. You may ask why they are co-located? Good question. During World War II the relevant Government Departments sought out the assistance of Amateur Radio enthusiasts around the country for the sole purpose of monitoring the enemy’s radio communications. These radio stations termed Y stations, armed with their Morse skills recorded coded transmissions, frequencies, times and other ancillary information which was passed back to Bletchley Park to allow the teams to attack the coded messages.

Anyway, go and have a look if you get chance. If nothing it will fry your head with the mind blowing genius of the individuals who accomplished phenomenal mathematical and engineering tasks.

20160220_123833 20160220_113541

20160220_133854 20160220_133904

20160220_133854 20160220_134632



These are all from the main mansion house where they’ve preserved some of the sets and props from The Imitation Game. All the very clever stuff is dotted around the site in the famous Huts where there are displays and exhibitions, including a rebuilt Turing Bombe

The video above is the rebuilt/restored Turing Bombe running a decode cycle.