Beware snake oil salesmen!

I’m sure over the years James Cameron has made billions from his highly successful Terminator series of films and as I’ve sat there enjoying the robotic acting of the Governor of California, the plot line has evolved with the advancement of technology. If you’ve seen the latest installment, Terminator Genysis, the idea of self aware AI networks is matched very well to the current advancements in technology and social circumstances to the point that with a little bit of latitude you could start thinking “Hmm!” Lets face it self piloting vehicles are here. The UK is opening its roads to tests of driverless vehicles!

The only thing where the script writers have really got it wrong is with all this shash about having to defeat Skynet by sending naked muscle bound gladiators back through time to prevent the death of the hero’s mother in a form of retroactive abortion. The more realistic script would involve a team of commandos breaking into a computer facility, inserting a USB thumb drive in a free port, double clicking on the .exe file and then saying OK to “Do you wish to Upgrade to Windows 10?”

Oh yes! That’s guaranteed to ruin your day!

Cautionary tale to anyone out there with older tech which is being bombarded by the hard sale bubble in the taskbar saying “Your free copy of Windows 10 is available”

Just because that little Microsoft Snake Oil Salesman says you can have a copy of Windows 10 for nothing, doesn’t mean to say it will actually work!

Case in point, my netbook Terminator equivalent, the Panasonic TOUGHBOOK. I’ve been plagued by that damn bubble for months and have been ignoring it until the other day when I foolishly accepted the offer of the opportunity to destroy a perfectly functioning machine! TOUGBOOK CF-19’s are as hard as nails and do what they do very well within the confines of Windows 7 x64 and that’s where their rule of iron ceases. There are a lot of drivers required for the embedded hardware and without them you’re left with only half a machine. There are no Windows 10 drivers out there as it’s old tech so no one is backporting.

All that brief flirtation with that dialogue box has achieved is an awful lot of time wasting trying to undo my stupidity, which has now left me with a machine at the point of having cloned the hard drive across to the new SSD I installed shortly after purchase. Back ups or no back ups it’s been painful.

In summary “Your free copy of Windows 10 is available” translates to, your copy of Windows 10 is here but if you want it, buy a new a new machine and then pay the additional £100 plus for a copy! Beware!