Mountain Topper MTR-5B

Faced with the choice of having to spend Saturday evening watching Britain’s Got Talent (a contradiction in terms if ever there was one) or push pins into my eyes, I chose the third option and built another radio!

Now this was a little forward as I still haven’t put the finishing touches to my 1Watter but given the circumstances I think I’m allowed a little latitude.

When I was hunting around on the internet for ideas of what was small, portable and a potential project I stumbled across several reviews for the Mountain Topper in its earlier guise the MTR3B


Rarer than rocking horse droppings on this side of the atlantic these things get great reviews from people who like yomping up mountains for a bit of SOTA action.

Like everything, these radios evolve and the latest offering is the MTR5B and again even rarer!


When I first saw this I was making noises like the little green aliens out of Toy Story and filed the idea in the back of my brain along with plans for global domination, owning an Aston Martin and having Rihanna’s number on speed dial.

That is until Kanga Products emailed me, offering me the opportunity to own one of these as I’d expressed an interest while perusing their website. It took nano seconds to think that through.

I had to wait a week or two for it to arrive and to be honest there were degrees of reservation as to what was going to be in the box as my original research was on the complete kit which involved a hell of a lot of SMD work.

I like a challenge but there’s a point when you have to admit your limitations and this may have been it. The box yielded this


That’s a bit more like it! So half an hour later we have this




It really is that small and all it wants for optimal performance is a 9V battery.

Now the MTR5B is a five band transceiver so there’s lots of potential out there as you’ve got 40-15 meters to play with.

This evening there’s plenty of activity on the air so the smoke test went something like this

The only word for it is “Awesome”

I wanted a portable solution for sitting in the sun with and it doesn’t get any more portable than this!

You watch the Bank Holiday weekend descend into a wash out just to spite me!