Portable Operations #1 – Field mast

The objective for 2016 is to get out of the shack and into the wild with a radio. This has been on the agenda since day one, but like every idea there are teething problems, interuptions and cost implications!

That said we took one step closer today when I finalised my antenna mounting platform for use at field day events. This is a two pronged attack, giving me a mast I can mount an HF antenna on along with my BBHN node, which will give me Mesh access for WX, Cluster reporting and logging. While I mention WX have a look at this – blitzortung.org. It’s always useful to know how far away the serious trouble is!

So, on a bright and cheery Sunday morning I took a little trip to Fort Purbrook to see if my latest creation actually worked as it was based on a sketch and dimensions I was gifted and unfortunately I wasn’t able to actually get a hands on, prebuild examination of the trig point to get things straight in my head before I started hacking up my very limited supply of free plywood. Added to that, I have the woodworking finesse of dry rot, so the margin for error was slimmer than the shrinking exchange rate value of the pound!




In the words of Shrek, “That’ll do Donkey, that’ll do!”


When it drys out from the soaking with drizzle this morning I’ll give it a quick once over with yacht varnish to stop mould and the like setting in while in storage. The whole kit breaks down very nicely to a light weight bundle for transporting.