Elecraft K2 Part 3

So after a bit of a delay in things we eventually have an oh so nearly completed K2. The building phase was a considerable amount of feeding capacitors into holes and winding toroids but the sense of achievement is pretty good.






This is the radio prior to the Part III testing and alignment. The rubber collar on the VFO main tuning dial is another Dave Richards suggestion. The absence of a finger dimple on the dial was bugging me and I was going to try and get one 3D printed and stick it on the dial but this does the job very nicely and makes things a bit simpler.


The transmitter alignment was a bit of a head scratcher in places in that you need either a signal generator to inject a signal at the desired range of frequencies but with a bit of jury rigging the old Yaesu FT-857D on a dummy load was used to generate a CW signal on all the desired frequencies.

With that all sorted, we really were into the final furlong. A few more minutes build time later and we have . . .



Job done – just in time for Santa to arrive!