QRP Labs 5W CW transceiver kit #2

So my creative constructive outburst was short lived when my little Australian friend reminded me who was running the shop this week by hitting me with a headache which felt like someone had parked a 7.5 tonne truck on my temples and threw in a raging temperature to boot. I lost a day and a half of my life to my bed and was eventually woken from my feverish slumber by my mog doing her best Simon’s Cat Cat-Man-Do impression.

To avoid being battered to within an inch of my life by my little furry friend I decided to try vertical again rather than horizontal. Two hours later I was bored witless and fired up my soldering iron in an attempt to relieve the tedium.

A few hours work and we’d made good progress. After an awful lot of resistors, came a few capacitors and things were starting to take shape.

Eventually I reached the band specific part of the build which involved winding the required inductors for the 40m model. I forgot how much I enjoyed making these things which is weird as they’re a fiddly as hell if you’ve got thick fingers.

I also realised I really do need to go to Specsavers and get some glasses that actually mean I can see what I’m doing! That’s for another day.

And that seemed a good point to call it a day. We’re getting there!

To be continued . . .