“Have you thought about putting up details of your growing setup on the web somewhere?” he said.

In a word, no but then having banged my head against a wall for over a week trying to get something to work it dawned on me that without people posting successes and failures on the internet, no one would ever learn and the cycle of frustration would continue.

So, in response to that question and also as a way of a thank you to those who helped, this blog will contain, as much as I get time to publish, in relation to all things amateur radio.

Who am I? Yet another amateur radio dabbler, BUT up until 5 months ago I didn’t have a clue what any of it was about. In that time I’ve had a crash course in a hobby/profession/community that has so much to offer for the inquisitive mind. I have no formal IT or electronics background. As such some people will probably role their eyes at the methodology and cock up which follows, but we all start somewhere.

Also this is very much my scribble pad. If I put something on a webpage rather than a scrap of paper, when I want it I’ll be able to find it!

If I publish one snippet that helps you, as much as others (and their websites) have helped me, job done!

Last Wednesday I received my Intermediate Licence exam results and M6ENO morphed into 2E0DFU. All the hard work was worth it as now I can play with all the fun stuff for a few months before I make headway towards my full licence.

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